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Casio VZ-1

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Casio VZ-1 Synopsis

Keyboard version (a.k.a. Hohner HS-2)

Voice Architecture consists of up to eight oscillators, divided into pairs. The output of each pair of oscillators is either phase or ring modulated or mixed. Each pair of oscillators can then phase modulate the next pair or be mixed to the main output.

eBay Description

The VZ-1 is a sixteen voice, multitimbral digital synthesizer with velocity/aftertouch. It sounds similar to Yamaha FM based synths, but offers 8 oscillators per voice (with many routing options), 8 waveforms and 8 stage envelopes per oscillator. Patch memory contains 64 user locations and supports RAM/ROM cards. Performance features include sustain, volume and programable pedal inputs, along with pitch bend and two programable mod wheels, LFO and portamento.

Key Features

  1. Aftertouch: Modifies pitch, LFO (depth and rate), amplitude EG levels and portamento rate or time
  2. Architecture Class: phase
  3. Audio IO: Headphones 2 mono, 1 mix
  4. Audio Source: Waveforms available for each oscillator are sine, 5x saw, white or pink noise.
  5. Communication Interface: MIDI In, Out, Thru
  6. Effects: None
  7. EG: Dedicated, 8 stage EG's (with polarity) modify each oscillator's pitch and amplitude
  8. Expansion: Patch card
  9. Filter: N/A
  10. Form Factor: 61 keys
  11. Key Scaling: Modifies portamento time, EG levels and rates (6 points)
  12. LFO: Both the vibrato LFO and tremelo LFO waveforms include up saw, down saw, square and triangle
  13. Memory:
    • Multi Memory: 0 preset, 64 user, 64 card (128 via ROM card)
    • Patch Memory: 0 preset, 64 user, 64 card (128 via ROM card)
    • PCM Memory: N/A
    • Sample Memory: N/A
    • Sequencer Memory: N/A
  14. Multitimbral: 4
  15. Pedal Inputs: Definable (pitch, lfo depth/rate, amplifier envelope level, or portamento time), patch increment, Sustain and Volume
  16. Performance Control: Portamento Definable1, Definable2 wheels. Definable wheel destinations are pitch, lfo (depth or rate), amplifier envelope level, or portamento time
  17. Polyphony: 16 or 4
  18. Power: AC (IEC C13 to NEMA 5-15P)
  19. Released: 1988 1988
  20. Sequencer: No
  21. Signal Class: digital
  22. Velocity: Switches patches and modify EG levels and rates (8 curves)

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