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Yamaha DX7

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Yamaha DX7 Synopsis

First digital synthesizer to unseat the analog synths as king

Voice architecture is 6 operator, 32 algorithm FM. Both poly and mono voice modes are provided.

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Key Features

  1. Aftertouch: routed to pitch and amplitude
  2. Architecture Class: fm
  3. Audio IO: headphones 1 output
  4. Audio Source: sine waves
  5. Communication Interface: MIDI In, Out Thru
  6. Effects: None
  7. EG: Pitch and 6 Operator EGs have 4 levels and 4 rates
  8. Expansion: cartridge
  9. Filter: None
  10. Form Factor: 61 keys
  11. Key Scaling: EG levels (linear, exponential, with breakpoint) and rates (linear)
  12. LFO: Routed to all operator pitch and/or each operator amplitude (supports delay and key sync). Waveforms are down saw, up saw, random, square and triangle
  13. Memory:
    • Multi Memory: N/A
    • Patch Memory: 32 user, 32 external
    • PCM Memory: N/A
    • Sample Memory: N/A
    • Sequencer Memory: N/A
  14. Multitimbral: 1
  15. Pedal Inputs: None
  16. Performance Control: portamento, glissando
  17. Polyphony: 16
  18. Power: AC
  19. Released: 1983
  20. Sequencer: No
  21. Signal Class: digital
  22. Velocity: routed to operator level