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Sequential Circuits Velocity 6 Family

Sequential Circuits Velocity 6 Synopsis

Rebadged Siel DK600.

Voice architecture is typical hybrid subtractive (i.e. DCO1+DCO2->VCF->DCA).

Key Features

  1. Aftertouch: no
  2. Architecture Class: subtractive
  3. Audio IO: output
  4. Audio Source: pink noise, pulse, and saw waves
  5. Communication Interface: MIDI In/Out, tape in/out
  6. Effects: none
  7. EG: ADSR (1 level, 3 rates) can be assigned to filter and/or amplifier
  8. Expansion: none
  9. Filter: 24dB resonant low pass (oscillates at high resonance)
  10. Form Factor: 61 keys
  11. Key Scaling: filter cut-off
  12. LFO: LFO1-2 (sine wave) are routed to pitch, LFO3 (triangle and/or square) is routed to PWM and/or filter
  13. Memory:
    • Multi Memory: N/A
    • Patch Memory: 95
    • PCM Memory: N/A
    • Sample Memory: N/A
    • Sequencer Memory: N/A
  14. Multitimbral: no
  15. Pedal Inputs: volume and filter CV (5 pin DIN)
  16. Performance Control: pitch and mod wheels
  17. Polyphony: 6
  18. Power: AC
  19. Released: 1984
  20. Sequencer: no
  21. Signal Class: analod digital
  22. Velocity: EG level and/or attack

Veloctiy 6

Velocity 6

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