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Ensoniq VFXSD

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Ensoniq VFXSD Synopsis

Adds a disk drive, sequencer, and additional drum waveforms

Voice architecture is subtractive, (DCO->DCF->DCA->Pan) and supports alternate tuning. Modulation is matrix style, with many sources (e.g. noise, aftertouch, EGs, LFOs, keyboard, MIDI, pedal, velocity, wheel) and a mixer/shaper. MIDI mono mode is included for guitar controller support.

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Key Features

  1. Aftertouch: Channel or polyphonic routed to mod matrix (pitch, filter, volume, LFO depth/rate, pan position/depth, wave select/delay)
  2. Architecture Class: subtractive
  3. Audio IO: headphone and stereo outputs stereo aux outputs
  4. Audio Source: 16 bit samples can be layered 6 deep. Wavetables can be played and modulated 141 waveforms
  5. Communication Interface: MIDI In, Out, Thru
  6. Effects: 24bit dual multieffects processors (ESP chip), featuring reverb, chorus, flange, delay, rotating speaker. Effects can be modulated by performance controls (aftertouch, velocity, key, mod wheel, CV/switch pedals, MIDI CC)
  7. EG: Dedicated 5 stage (5 levels, 5 rates) pitch, filter, and amplitude envelopes (with loop) are also matrix mod sources (see aftertouch)
  8. Expansion: patch memory cartridge (VPC-100 ROM or Stor-Cart 32 RAM) 3.5" DSDD disk drive
  9. Filter: Serial low pass and multimode (low or high pass) filters share 4 poles (i.e. 2+2 or 3+1)
  10. Form Factor: 61 keys
  11. Key Scaling: Routed to envelope time scaling, filters, mod matrix (see aftertouch)
  12. LFO: Waveforms are triangle, sine, sine/triangle, positive triangle, positive sine, up saw, or square with delay. LFO can be a mod matrix source (see aftertouch)
  13. Memory:
    • Multi Memory: 60 preset, 60 user, 60 cartridge
    • Patch Memory: 20 preset, 20 user, 20 cartridge
    • PCM Memory: ?
    • Sample Memory: none
    • Sequencer Memory: 75k note
  14. Multitimbral: 24
  15. Pedal Inputs: sustain and aux (sequencer start/stop or patch increment) switch (TRS) and assignable CV (volume/mod)
  16. Performance Control: assignable pitch and mod wheels (see aftertouch), patch layer switches, portamento
  17. Polyphony: 21
  18. Power: AC
  19. Released: 1989
  20. Sequencer: 12 track + 12 track song real or step time (supports Sysex dump/load)
  21. Signal Class: digital
  22. Velocity: Routed to envelope attack/level and mod matrix (see aftertouch) with 10 response curves